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Screening net


This net is used to protect private areas from external view such as fences, swimming pools, balconies etc.
It allows to create a privacy area.
It can also be used as a shading net. It is very durable and long lasting.
Fixing plates are also available.
Δίχτυα οδοσήμανσης & προφύλαξης



Entirely made of polyethylene monofilament stabilized against UV rays, it is a very dense mesh that is very resistant to wear and tear.
Ideal for fences, gardens, balconies and pools.
It is a professional product that can also be used as a 95% shading net.
– Weight: about 230gr / m2.
– Color: dark green, stabilized against UV rays.
– Duration: 7-10 years.
– Available in Widths: 1.0m – 1.5m – 2.0m – 3.0m
NOT TOXIC on contact with food.

Also available in customized sheets.